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Over the last five years the Lord has been pleased to bless our congregation with a place to meet and worship Jesus Christ each week.  As a church plant we first met in the home of a member, then at a nearby school, and finally for more than four years at the Woman’s Club of Arlington.  When we began nearly five years ago, we prayed that the Lord would be pleased to bless our congregation with more permanent space.  In God’s kindness he has answered our prayers.

Not too long ago the members of Arlington Baptist Church invited the members of Grace to join the work that they have been carrying on since 1928.  In late June of 2014 the members of Grace were formally added to the membership of Arlington Baptist Church and the first Sunday of July we will all begin meeting together to carry on the work that Arlington Baptist began in 1928 – to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Arlington County and beyond, by God’s grace.  We would be delighted if you would join us at Arlington Baptist Church to worship Jesus Christ.  Please find directions and more information below:

At 10:30, we hold our Sunday morning service, where we gather for about an hour and a half to sing, pray, and hear a portion of God’s Word preached. We are a family-friendly church and children are more than welcome to stay in for the service, though we provide care for children ages 0-3 as well. We often stay around to fellowship with one another after the service, and have been known to take over the food court at the Ballston Mall, meet in someone’s backyard for a picnic, or gather at a nearby park for lunch afterward.



Service Times

10:30am — Morning Service

What should I wear? You’ll find a variety of dress among our members. The only encouragement in attire is that it is modest and appropriate. We want to care for one another by not dressing in a distracting way, so that we can hear from God’s Word unhindered.

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On Sunday I mentioned a few things about prayer, and I thought that I’d take this opportunity to circle back, remind us of them, and throw in a great Paul Miller quote for good measure.  God is honored when we pray.  Prayer honors God because it is an expression of faith that he exists.  It… Read More >

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T4G Reflections, Part 3

April 29, 2014

Brothers & Sisters, The past two weeks, I’ve shared some reflections on my time at the Together for the Gospel conference (T4G).  This week I’ll finish up sharing those reflections as well as sharing some of my reflections on my time at a small pastor’s fellowship following the conference. So far I’ve mentioned the talks… Read More >

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