Our Pastors

Staff Pastor

Mike Law Jr. was called as the Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Arlington in July of 2009, when the church first constituted. Prior to Grace, Mike served as a Pastoral Assistant to Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  Mike was privileged to grow up in a Christian home and recalls sitting under a preacher as a child and being convinced of his sin and need for a Savior. Mike’s mother first thought he would enter the ministry when he was suspended from the public school bus at age 8 for sharing the Gospel, but it wasn’t until Mike was studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland that he was compelled to serve the Lord in full-time ministry.  Mike and Lisa have been married for eight years.  They live in Alexandria with their four great kids.

You can contact Mike via email at mike@gracearlington.org.

Non-Staff Pastors

Michael Griffin was called to serve as an elder of Grace Baptist Church of Arlington in July 2009.  Prior to Grace, Michael had the pleasure of serving as an elder for six years at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Michael grew up hearing the gospel from his believing mother and was converted by the Lord in 6th grade.  Michael now works for the U.S. Government and enjoys teaching/coaching his daughters in skiing, ice skating, soccer, and swimming.  Michael lives in Arlington with his wife Stacia and their four wonderful girls.

Derrick Morgan was called to serve as an elder of Grace Baptist Church of Arlington in July 2009.  He was born and raised in North Texas — the Bible belt — but he did not grow up attending church.  In fact, he was pretty pleased that he got to sleep in on Sunday when many of his friends were off at church.  Several things pushed him to start attending church, though, including the world almanac, the pro-life movement, and a basketball ministry (you’ll have to ask him about these sometime.)  In time, under consistent preaching in a Southern Baptist Church, Derrick came to believe the gospel and was baptized in college.  He grew quickly under the tutelage of a faithful college pastor who was studying at Dallas Theological Seminary.  He began devouring scripture and sermons by Charles Spurgeon, Alistair Begg, Tommy Nelson, and R.C. Sproul.  While in law school, Derrick joined Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC) where he came to appreciate the importance of the local church and saw faithful Christians living out the gospel in their lives individually and corporately.  At CHBC, Derrick began a courtship with Alyssa and married her in 2002.  When Mike Law and others announced they were looking for brothers and sisters to join them in bringing the gospel to Arlington and Northern Virginia, Derrick and Alyssa were excited to join them in this work closer to their home.  Currently, Derrick works on Capitol Hill and lives in Falls Church, Virginia with Alyssa and their four boys.

Eric Pelletier was called to be an elder at Grace Baptist Church of Arlington in July of 2009.  Prior to Grace, Eric was a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC for 17 years where he served as an elder, deacon, and Sunday School teacher.  Despite growing up in a nominal Christian home in Upstate New York, Eric was converted at a young age.  It was not until late in college that he was really challenged to grow in his faith.  After graduation and moving to Washington, DC for his job, he attended CHBC which dramatically strengthened his walk and nurtured his faith through regular expositional preaching, individual discipleship, and personal accountability.  He also met his wife there.  Eric now works in corporate government relations, after several tours of duty in government, and coaches his children in baseball and soccer.  Eric is married to Shelly and they live in Arlington with their three children: Caleb, Emma, and James.

William Smith was called to serve as an elder at Grace Baptist Church of Arlington in January 2012.  Prior to Grace, William was a member at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  Although, William grew up with two Christian parents in Ozark Alabama and responded to God’s gracious call at a young age, it was not until after college that he recognized the importance of surrounding himself with like minded believers inside and outside of the church.  After moving to Washington DC in 2001, William discovered Capitol Hill Baptist, where his spiritual growth was enhanced through sound teaching and accountability.  His desire to study the Scriptures more and teach God’s word has also increased.  William currently works on the Committee on Budget, United States Senate for Jeff Sessions.  He and his wife Diamond reside in Burke with their three children, Will III, Elizabeth, and Benjamin.

You can contact Michael, Derrick, Eric, and William via email at elders@gracearlington.org.